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About Us

I’m a Long Islander that got fed up with years of ordering non seasoned, insect filled, short cords of firewood. After constant disappointment, I decided to go out and split my own firewood.


Why I split my own firewood?

Every time I had a cord of firewood delivered, it was filled with carpenter ants. Firewood that was ordered in the winter had logs filled with dormant carpenter ants. NOT DEAD, Dormant. The ants come back to life when the temperature gets warm. Bringing this firewood indoors is a great way to bring the insects into your home. Other logs were destroyed by previous infestations. You may smell a different odor when you burn this firewood. Dead insect, insect fecal matter and insecticide are what could be causing the odor.


I burn in a fireplace insert. Even though I specify this, many of the logs I received were over the stove max log size.


The firewood that I had delivered was not seasoned. There was a mix of half seasoned and half greee advertised season firewood or all green firewood. Seasoned firewood should be under 20% moisture in the middle.


The cord of firewood I ordered was consistently short by an 1/8th of a cord. Some distributors judge a cord by their pay loaders bucket. For example, 3 bucket loads may equal a cord. Many times your cord is slightly short. A cord of firewood should measure 4 feet deep x 4 feet high x 8 feet long STACKED not piled. Other measurements would be 4 feet high x 2 feet long x 16 feet long. A face cord is defined as 1/3 of a cord piled. Specify that you are looking for a half cord. If the location only sells face cords, then ask for their measurement of the cord. Firewood piled is much less in volume then firewood stacked.


I got sick of firewood scams. When you call for firewood you are given a price or $135. When the truck shows up, the owner’s son tells you the firewood is $150. He was not aware of the time of year. He was told the firewood is $150 and can’t drop it. Most people do the decent thing and try to help the company. The truck is there, you might as well take the firewood. If the company and employee have been doing this for years, the employee is either very dumb or a liar trying to scam you. I had the same firewood yard do this to me twice.


I got fed up with the nonsense & scams that got delivered with firewood and started splitting my fireown firewood. I found many people that felt the same way I did and asked if I could split their firewood. This was the only way we could guarantee the firewood we used was clean, cut to a usable size, and seasoned.


Who used my services?

I worked with customers that have gotten tree trunks from a tree company, taken down a tree or have a neighbor that took down a tree and will be using the wood for their fireplace, wood burning stove, fire pit, or outdoor chimineas.


Some customers have a few logs or an abundance of logs that need to be cut to size so they can split it.


Many customers don’t want to deal with the weight and danger of chopping and splitting the tree trunks.


Other customers don’t want to purchase the expensive splitters and equipment that will be unused and taking up space most of the year.


My services provided an alternative to acquiring clean seasoned firewood.


What I burn today?

I started looking for solutions to solving the issues of firewood storage and finding seasoned firewood mid winter. Many of us don’t have the space or want more that a cord of firewood in the yard.


I heard of people burning wood pellets in a pellet basket that was placed in the fireplace or firewood burning stove. The wood pellets provided a cleaner burn with less ash. A ton wood pellets took less space than a cord of firewood and lasted just as long. The heat provided from the wood pellets was better that firewood. There was almost no moisture in the wood pellets. There were no bugs being introduced into the home and cleanup was much easier. The wood pellet ash left was fine and there were no nails and chunks of coal to clog up vacuums.


I soon discovered firewood blocks made by E Blocks. The blocks are very similar to quality pellets. They are a blend of hardwoods compressed into a block format. I found the beauty of firewood and the advantage of burning wood pellets in the Envi Blocks.


After experimenting with the E Blocks, I found what I feel is superior source or firewood.


The E Blocks are delivered on a pallet, not dumped in a messy pile. 

One pallet of E Blocks is equal to one cord of firewood.

The equivalent of a cord takes up much less space than a cord of firewood. About a ¾ less space

There is no a mess to clean up or staining in the driveway or in your home.

There are no bugs or carpenter ant infestations deliver.

The E Blocks can be stored indoors to avoid going out in the cold icy weather. 

There are no surprise visits from huge spiders or water bugs that hibernate or nest in firewood.

I can get over an hour of burn time on a single block.

There are no nails or garbage clogging and destroying my vacuum during stove cleanings.

No more firewood scams.

No more short cords of firewood.

No more green firewood that is advertised as seasoned firewood.

The Envi Blocks firewood you order mid winter or early spring for the cold nights is seasoned while firewood dealers have green firewood.


Many folks have experienced the same problems I had experienced or only need small amounts of firewood for periodic burning. They have a limited amount of space or simply do not want a large amount of firewood in their yard. They don’t want to deal with the injury, soreness or burden of splitting firewood with an axe. My customers want even clean firewood that will be seasoned when they are ready to use it regardless of the time of year.


These are some of the reasons we no longer desire to deal with the extensive back braking labor and disadvantages of firewood. The E Blocks have proven to be a huge advancement and cost savings in keeping warm without running up the utility bills. They have solved the issues many of us have had dealing with firewood.

Due to the demand of the E Blocks, we no longer cut, split and stack firewood. We use this time to deliver E Blocks to our customers.



Envi is no longer able to supply us with large or small blocks. However, we have now partnered with Canawick for the large blocks and continue to stock Enviro for the small blocks. Both of these products are slightly superior to Envi due to the fact they are both food safe and packaged more securely. 

Canawick and Enviro Blocks Now In Stock

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