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Tired of firewood scams? Now there’s a better answer.



No More short cords

No more green wood

No more carpenter ants, termites, and spiders living in your wood

No more mess

No more price changes on delivery


Neatly and safely stack indoors taking less than half the space of a full cord.


CANAWICK-ENVIRO FIREWOOD BLOCKS are an alternative to typical cordwood firewood.

CANAWICK-ENVIRO FIREWOOD BLOCKS are compressed, dry blend of ALL HARDWOOD compacted so tightly the natural lignin material bind itself back together.

It’s like a giant pellet, but into a true 3lb to 4lb block OR 6lb to 7lb block. 

The blocks are made from a blend of ALL DRY HARDWOOD of less than 6% moisture content compared to your best dried firewood of 25% moisture resulting in cleaner, hotter, burns with reduced creosote and less ash.


No binders, No glue, No wax or accelerants are added.

Get the benefits of wood pellets without having to change your stove or be locked into a type of fuel. CANAWICK-ENVIRO FIREWOOD BLOCKS can be burned on its own or in combination with firewood for extended burn times or more heat from semi seasoned firewood.


The packages can be re-stacked to fit your space available in a garage, shed, or basement with no fear of insects, mold, or fungus. You never had a cord of wood look so good. You never have to go out in the snow and ice for your wood.



Envi is no longer able to supply us with large or small blocks. However, we have now partnered with Canawick for the large blocks and continue to stock Enviro for the small blocks. Both of these products are slightly superior to Envi due to the fact they are both food safe and packaged more securely. 

Canawick and Enviro Blocks Now In Stock

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